Domino’s PizzaVideo Highlights First World Complaints

Here’s a video that puts complaining into perspective. A YouTube comedy channel has taken real complaints left of Domino’s Pizza Australia’s Facebook Page and created a video reciting some of the more ridiculous complaints against a video of refugees.

With the transparency and accessibility that social media provides, it really makes you think whether some things are really worth complaining about and that some people should really pick their battles.


Can you be happy for 100 days?

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I came across this link yesterday on my Facebook newsfeed and looking at it made me really happy already. 100happydays is a project that encourages people to document things that make them happy for 100 days, no matter how big or small.

I’m generally a positive person so it didn’t take much convincing for me to get on board. For me, it was important to note that while big things like birthdays, holidays, parties can bring us a lot of joy, happiness can be found in the simplest of things like having your first coffee in the morning. It was also interesting to see that a number of my friends who ‘liked’ the link also decided to participate.

Follow my #100happydays journey on Instagram or better yet, start your own!


How these twins found each other through Social Media aka Parent Trap IRL

I’ve been MIA for a while! I was spending my days in NYC, Hawaii, Washington DC and a less-than-24-hour stint in Atlantic City, or what I like to refer to it as – Ratchett City. It was great fun and I was in NYC during the first days of the Polar Vortex so I got to experience -16 degree weather. I may or may not share some photos here. Watch this space! ;P

Anyway, I found this story today and it really made my morning. Facebook has recently released a series of stories as part of their 10th anniversary, basically highlighting the wonderful things social media has done for people, blah blah. Seriously though, this particularly story made me smile.

It’s follows the journey of two sisters, twins, who were separated into foster care when they were still teeny babies. Long story short, they found each other through social media after a lifetime of not knowing they had a sibling.

Enjoy the it here. Also, watch the Humans of New York video as well.

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